Picture this. You are generally feeling low, your friends are busy, your boredom is killing you, and you have practically nothing to do to keep you occupied. So like everyone else, you log on to Facebook and BOOM, the first thing you see is your BFFs, partner or anyone who matters to you, “having fun with 3 others” without you! How on earth could this happen?

Won’t you feel like breaking their teeth or whacking them left, right and centre? Or if you ain’t the violent sorts, won’t you feel just plain bad that they could have included you in the plan, or asked at least?

This is one odd situation that I could think of, but don’t you agree that there are a million things on Facebook that you freaking hate and there is no option to convey your sacred feelings. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, the time has finally arrived (*drumrolls*) – presenting the Facebook dislike button! When we first heard this, we went like, “Oh! Where had you been hiding all my life?”

Mark Zuckerberg, on Facebook dislike button said, “It’s important to give people more options than just ‘like'” to help express empathy and sympathy. Not every moment is a good moment.”

But other than what the Facebook dislike button is meant to be, don’t you think people MIGHT AND WILL come up with their own (funny) definition and use it per their convenience? Hell yes!

Here are 12 funny ones!

1. When your frenemy says something funny. 

2. When you are tagged in embarrassing photos and you just want to dislike it. 

3. When your traveller buddy is out travelling again and you want to subtly say this! 

4. When your boss is vacationing, posting pictures and you are working your ass off (Just kidding, don’t ever hit the dislike button)!

5. You are a vegetarian and your friend tags you in a post eating non-vegetarian dish coz they want to get more likes.

6. When your friends post honeymoon photos and you just want to do this! 

7. When you want to politely deal with a selfie maniac’s weird selfies (read morning selfie, no make-up selfie, workout selfie, post workout selfie etc etc).

8. On a bad day, when you are grouchy, you can vent it out by disliking every single freakin’ thing on your wall.

9. Those random half cooked statuses. When people are ‘feeling’, ‘hoping’, ‘looking for’, blah blah blah!

10. When your ex puts up anything and all you wish to say is THIS! 

11. All those depressing statuses your recently single friend puts up.

12. And for the relatives in your friends list who you incredibly hate, this is the magical button to say this!

All hail Mr. Zuckerberg for vesting the dislike power in us!