The fact that everyone can improve their ability to be funny, without any problems, is pretty unbelievable, but certainly possible. Before we begin, I will tell you how psychologists have explained why people find some things amusing and funny. Every time when we learn something new, the mind builds a brand new route from one neuron cell to the other one.

That route is what we call a synapse and it works like this: After we think about plums, and if we know that plums are food, our brain will make a path that will connect the brain cells which have the things we know about those two terms. So, in the future, when you think about the food there is a great possibility that you will start thinking about plums. You are probably wondering what this all has to do with humour. It’s pretty simple, really – humour actually works this way!

It all starts with someone telling you a short and common story. This is what stand-up comedians call a setup. Now, you are expected to think about this story in a certain way. Your brain should now be creating routes from the setup, that you have recently heard to the most suiting punch-line. A completely different version of the punch-line, that you have not thought of, is what will make you laugh. And in case, you did not get this, the following example will help you out.

The Setup:
What is the most satisfying thing next to being shot at and missed?
The Punch-line:
An income tax refund.

How did you feel after hearing the setup? I am positive you did not think of the same punch-line as I did. It is really natural to think differently than others, and our brain is to blame. As I said, the punch-line was totally different than you expected. This is, in fact, the main principle of the way humour works.

The main thing is a good setup. The greatest comedians will usually tell you a setup which will make you think of a number of different possible punch-lines. The more you think your punch-line is the most fitting one, the more will the actual punch-line make you laugh. In case you have already heard the joke, it will probably not be funny, because your brain already knows the punch-line, therefore it will not create any new routes.

Now, you should try making up a simple story and tell it to a few people to see what kind of punch-lines they can think of. It is important that you always tell the most unexpected one, so be sure to find out how other people think.

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