What is the cheapest and easiest way to get rid of the blues? Make a funny home video – a video hilarious enough that it can make your sides and cheeks sore from laughing, and a video that you will remember again and again and not get tired of reliving it constantly. If your home video can do all these things, then you are a success in creating a funny home video.

Everyone can make a home video but not all can make it funny. This is why shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos pay $ 10000 for the video that attracts the attention of the largest number of viewers. So, how do you make a funny home video?

First of all, you have to remember that what makes one laugh does not necessarily mean that it can make the other one laugh. Comedy is very hard to do because you have to appeal to most of the audience’s senses and make them remember some point in their lives where something similar as some of the scenes on your video happened to them in the past. Making them recall that specific situation is the first step into letting them see the humour of the situation, and this will make them laugh. This is a reason why home videos are naturally funny since they capture a certain emotion regarding a specific situation in one’s life.

Secondly, most comedic acts flop because the actor was not able to connect with his audience. Notice most stand-up comedians initially establish eye contact with their audience before they deliver their piece. They do this because they need to initially connect with the audience in order to make them attuned to what he is saying and what he means when he does something. Although it would be a bit harder to connect with the audience through a home video, you can make it up with your home video’s stage presence. Of course, you should make your home video appear not too obvious that it is being filmed for comedy.

Thirdly, the punch line should be delivered with precise timing and intonation. In the case of home videos, this is probably the situation wherein the act of being funny is done in a spontaneous manner so as to not let the audience realize that it was all an act.

Finally, carefully choose the subject of your funny home video. Most of the time, kids or babies are used as subjects because of the innocent and natural way they project their personalities that are usually humorous to view. It is quite hard to choose a subject of a funny home video. Not all people would give consent to be made fun of by others. They would even get insulted about it since those who mimic them usually try their best to show their negative aspects in order to provide others with what they always want to see.

Making funny home videos poses a big challenge to those interested. It is hard to find situations that have been done on tape that are really funny. It will just be pure coincidence that when these things have happened, a camera was available to catch it. Most of the time, the funny situations are not so funny as you expect them to be when you get ready to take a picture. If you are up to the challenge of making a funny home video, then I hope that these points can help you capture scenes that actually make up a set of truly funny home videos.

Featured Image: Youtube
Source by TJ David