Funny SMS Relieve Stress

Death, disease, depression, anxiety, and stress… There are many sad and depressing things we can think about that will inevitably bring us down. It is easy to get too focused and serious in life to not take the time to smell the roses. However, it is not too late. Good humour through the use of funny text messages can be just the thing you need to relieve stress and depression and reap the health and mental benefits for years to come. I imagine most of us will end up in a scenario where everyone in the room looks glum. No one is smiling. No one appears happy. What these people need is to watch a funny movie and if they don’t have time for that a joke will have to suffice. I used to have a teacher back in college that in the middle of the class he would stop whatever he was doing for joke time in which he would let a few of the students tell funny jokes. It was just what we sleep-deprived students needed to wake up and refocus. As a result, that teacher was one of the most popular professors and most of the students performed better too.

A joke message is fun and easy. The problem many times is just having a joke on hand to tell. That is where the internet comes in handy. It takes seconds to Google such things as funny jokes or joke SMS and within seconds we have thousands of jokes at our fingertips. It is also fun to send someone a joke that is going through a hard time to remind them to smile a little bit and that they have a friend in you. Who knows they may even respond with a joke. Just the other day I sent my friend a joke via text, but it was disguised as not being a joke so when he responded and I replied with the punch line the result was hilarious. Not to be outdone he quickly texted back with his own joke and before we knew it we were in the middle of a joke war. It was great fun and actually a little competitive to see who could come up with the better jokes. It made the time fly by and both of us in great moods.

Now there are times to be serious in which case a joke text may not be appropriate. You probably don’t want to send a bunch of funny texted to recipients at a funeral, but you never know it might be just the right thing to lighten the mood. It is best though to be conscious of other people and to show them that you are trying to just make them laugh. Like has been said many times before laughter is the best type of medicine and perhaps not the exact quote but probably true regardless that a joke a day will keep the doctor away. Any way to see other fun joke SMS’s check out the links below!

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Source by Ben H Morrell