If there is one thing mobile phones are used for, it is sending SMS (Short Message Service) or popularly known as text messages. Aside from the fact that it is cheaper than making calls, people are finding other ways to use the text messages feature such as forwarding love quotes and short funny jokes. Most of the time, my friends are sending me forward jokes because they know I am into funny stuff. Some of the jokes that they sent me are funny and some of them well lets just say you have to be smart enough to get it. Forwarded jokes can be about anything such as dirty or clean jokes.

Most of the clean jokes that I find funny are the dialogue types. Like a dad and his son having a conversation about being a man, then realizing that his son is into Barbie or something. There are also others where they insult famous people like the president (if he or she has the reputation of being dumb), or it can be about old school jokes such as a knock-knock joke. Today, people are finding other ways to make their joke exciting or having a suspense part of the punch line. For example, a joke is in a form of a question. You do not see the answer right away. You need to scroll down first in order for you to read the punch line.

Sending funny SMS (Short Message Service) jokes is just a way of making people laugh just by the use of their mobile phones. The reaction of the people may not be the same as they can either find the joke offensive, too corny or find it really funny. So just be careful of sending those SMS (Short Message Service) messages and make sure that it would not be over the line. As much as possible, try to avoid making fun of religion, unless it is something light which people can get it right away. Normally when we receive funny SMS (Short Message Service) jokes, it gives us laugh even though your day is not going the way you want it to be today. In other words, you are having a bad day and reading jokes would not be that bad to make you smile even just for a little bit.

So go on, text those funny but clean jokes to your friends or your family and make them laugh for them to know that life is simple and does not have to be hard all the time. All it takes is one SMS (Short Message Service) to make a person smile.

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Source by Buknoy Nunag