We all know how the advertisements world works. Lots of fancy, imaginary hope to sell something which in the first place nobody really needs. One fine example of advertisement gimmicky is that Listerine made the bad breath a medical condition to sell their mouth wash and it worked for them and is still working. Ads or commercials do create a brand and these days some companies and ad agencies are going over the top of their imagination to gain prominence and win over the consumers. These ads are nothing but false promises and we all know it, yet some of us fall for it.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened but if these claim by the commercials were true, especially the deodorant commercials. Azeem Banatwalla, a prominent stand-up comedian of our times, has something important to say about these ads that you must hear. Azeem is a member of East India Comedy and watch the video to know what he has to say:

Video Courtesy: East India Comedy

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