Didn’t make it in your Visa interview? Don’t worry! Try some divine intervention. Believe or not! There is a Visa Temple in India which is believed to shrine up your probability of securing a Visa on the visit.

Surprisingly, there is a Visa God in the Chilkur Balaji temple near Hyderabad. A place what some might say is the worst nightmare of U.S.A. President, Donald J. Trump. Every year, some hundred thousand tourists come here to pray for a visa.

The Chilkur Balaji is an ancient temple. It was built about 500 years ago, as a tribute to Lord Balaji, known to be as one of the avatars of Lord Vishnu. After many people saw their wish of getting a visa fulfilled, this came to be known as the Visa Temple.

 In order to successfully wish for a visa, you have to complete the wish-making ceremony, which involves 11 laps around the inner temple. Devotees also have to give an offering of coconut. And once their wish is granted, they have to come back to the temple and make 108 laps in addition.

Over the years, the temple has gained popularity through word of mouth and is highly popular among students and working professional who wish to visit western countries.

So why not pay a visit here? Who knows, your wish might come true. :)


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h/t: Wikipedia

Featured Image: Holidify