How would you feel when your manager disapproves your leave and that too on your wedding day? You’d probably quit the job or run away.

However, in one of its kind marriage, the groom, unable to obtain leaves, exchanged the wedding vows online.

Groom Harris, a native of Veliyam of Kerala’s Kollam district, was unable to be present for his wedding day due to work commitments.


In a rare move, Harris’ sister Najitha tied the knot with the bride Shamla and groom watched the ceremony live using a webcam from Saudi Arabia, media reports said.

Harris’ family took the unusual decision to solemnize the wedding at the auspicious “Muhurat” as already decided and to save their prestige in the Malayali community. The unusual wedding took place at Thamarakulam city of Alappuzha district in Kerala.

Harris works as a marketing manager with a private firm in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, while the bride Shamla works as a nurse in a government health facility in Mecca.


h/t: IndiaToday

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