Can you recall that melting honey over the steamy mashed potato you might have seen on Television? Then my friend you are salivating over motor oil and wet tampon freshly microwaved. Not so cool, but it’s true!  We all know that advertisers and promotional companies use certain tricks and hacks.

And sometimes it goes beyond just ‘photoshopping’. So it might not surprise you anymore. But today we bring to you a compilation that will give you the shock of your life. From shoe polish to engine oil – the things they use on food. Yes, you read it right! There are many more such cheap and manipulative tricks to hack.

Prepare to baffle your mind!

1. Instead of real ice cream, they use mashed potatoes, so that the hot lights do not melt it.


2. Tac pins and clay used to keep the spoons and knives in position while photographing a delicious cuisine.


3. Ever tried taking a picture of a cake or pastry but it you just end up messing it?

That’s because professional photographers use cardboard pieces and toothpicks between the layers.


4. In 90% of the fashion shoots, the model is sporting a toupee, fake hair or fake extensions. So don’t fret why your hair doesn’t look that good.


5. To make your cereals and corn flakes look like they’re floating in thick milk, they use glue. Not milk, glue!


6. To make pancakes appear more delicious, they use petrol/motor oil. No, it’s not maple syrup or honey! Way to ruin a pancake!


7. Another cruelty carried out on pancakes is that they use fabric protector spray to prevent it from going soggy.

They use the same trick for burgers, hotdogs, etc.


8. See those beautiful, wildlife pictures of bugs? They first keep these creatures in the fridge so that they slow down and then do the “professional” photos shoot. Brutal!


9. Ever wondered why the meat in advertisements look so good with the perfect, smokey, charcoal look? That’s because it’s shoe polish. Yuck!


10. The coffee, milk, and milkshakes look so frothy in ads, right? That’s because it’s detergent.

Hopefully, after reading this, you won’t be manipulated by such false advertising.


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h/t: Cracked

Featured Image: Storypick