Can’t say whether it’s a treat for PETA activists or not, but the  ‘Gow Rakshaks’ of the state are certainly rejoicing over the center’s suggestion to supreme court about introducing Aadhaar cards for Cows.

On the 24th of April this year, center recommended the Apex court to introduce Aadhaar card for cows so that keeping a tab on their numbers can be simplified. The proposal sent by the government included propositions like including the details of cow’s horns, tails, etc. After the word spread out, Twitter was abuzz with tweets on the matter.

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The #Aadharforcows became one of the most trending. Twitter thus became flooded with a series of humorous tweets on the matter. With multiple users claiming that it should be called the ‘UDDER card’.

There were users who went on to mock about the state’s policies and priorities, which might even go on to introduce id proofs like passport or ration cards for the them! Then there were those who went on to speak on behalf of other animals like goats, who too give us milk, meat and skin. Along with poo!

If the state had ever been so concerned about missing people and their sudden disappearance, our safety and security would have been a lot more robust and stringent. But this puts the centre’s priorities pretty much in line with their dearest ‘Gow Rakshaks’, which seem to be the most ideal police force in the country doing full justice to cows and complete injustice to humans.

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They should probably go on giving voting rights and land rights to the cows as well. And maybe later on we can also have them mooing in the parliament.

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