Are you suspicious of a woman who you think is flirting with your husband? Would not you like to know for sure? How women flirt is something all women should know, however, sometimes they do not. At times flirting is obvious and other times not so obvious. So, let’s look at some not so obvious ways to know a woman is flirting.

There are subtle, and sometimes subconscious, body signals women use to let you know how they feel and if you’re not paying attention you will not even notice them. Therefore, if you’re suspicious you need to watch interaction so close that your mate does not find himself mesmerized by the wiles of a clever flirt.

One of the first things you need to look for is a lingering stare not just a typical glance. Also, take note of her eye movement to see if she’s looking him up and down, she will do this almost immediately and then her eyes will shift to a coy, out of the corner of her eye, slow batting movement alternating with a stare. This signals intense interest.

Her next move will be to come in closet this is so that she can touch him or her can touch her, intentionally or otherwise, and also for him to smell her and vice versa. She will also begin to remove or move any clothing possible to reveal skin, a shoulder, more leg or something as subtle as moving hair off of her neck.

There will be plenty of giggling, laugh or intense listening on her part in an effort to feed his ego and to let him know he’s captured her full attention. She will not allow herself to be distracted by anyone, but will instead keep her focus on him.

Once you know what to look for it will get easier to know how women flirt so that you will be aware that someone is, in fact, flirting or even seducing your husband. Or you may want to do some of these tips yourself so you can out flirt the flirt. After all, you’re a woman too and you know him better than she does and that should give you an edge.

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Source by Sonni Carr