Do you really understand the basics of how to flirt with guys so you can draw their interest? Can you hold your own in a roomful of single guys and girls, or are you like the proverbial wallflower who blends into the background? Would you like to learn the secrets of flirting so you can have single guys rivalling for your attention? Some girls find it hard to flirt with guys because they are the quiet and shy type.

But you do not have to be an extrovert to flirt with guys. In fact, subtle is often better than in your face when it comes to flirting. So lose the tight clothes and forget the sexual side of flirting and learn the understated and subtle side of it. Here are a few of those.

It’s Not Your Body – It’s How You Use It

Use your body language, not your body to flirt. Body language lets you send a message without having to say a single word. It’s the way you gaze at him when he’s beside you, that gentle touch on his forearm when you’re talking to only him, or that little smile that makes him wonder what you’re thinking.

These subtle gestures and looks will do more to attract a man than the overt look-at-me ones used by girls who are vying for attention and will settle for whatever they can get.

Subtlety Is Sexy

Like we said, flirting is all about being subtle. Being obvious comes in way behind. You want him wondering what you’re thinking about when you’re looking at him and trying to figure out how he can find out.

When you’re too obvious, he knows exactly what you’re thinking and that takes all the fun out of flirting. It’s the mystery and the unknown that makes flirting what it is because when it’s done right, he’s curious and off-balance. It’s what keeps him coming back for more.

Flirt Nicely And Slowly

When you first meet a guy, you do not want to spend too much time with him. It’s like fishing. You bait your hook and then cast. Your bait is what will entice him to grab hold of the line, so you can reel him in. But you would not let the fish go and then try to catch it again. You’d be better off moving to another spot in the stream.

So do a little flirting and then move along to other people at the party. If you’ve baited the hook properly, he’ll be back for more. And that’s when you give him your number and tell him to give you a call. Then go hang out with your girlfriends.

Can you see the value of subtlety when you flirt with guys? The more you practice the better you’ll get at it, so get out there and give it a try.

Want to learn more flirting tips and techniques? Then I’d love to help you!

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