The typical men’s penis ranges from five to seven inches. Penis size may also vary according to race. Quite often men may feel certain inadequacies with regard to their penile size. For all those who are with more than average sizes, this is not a problem but known to be an absolute advantage.

All men at some point have questioned the size of their penis. Men have always put unique importance on how they do while having sex plus a lot of this involves whether they regard their penis size to be appropriate. Conscious or unconsciously, men have often desired a bigger penis. Believe it or not, I’ve never heard of anyone who was going to reduce his penis size.

Medical science has improved significantly over time. Large numbers of these improvements were due to growing demands for more effective and convenient methods of treatment. Included in the new medical advancements are male enhancement devices which promise men bigger penis size.

Top 5 Penis Enhancement Gadgets


The company continues to be a leader in the penile enlargement device industry. Numerous studies have shown that men experience a type of 2 to 3 inches improvement in penis length that is at par with the best in the marketplace today.

The reason why this company persistently tops surveys is that of the excellent customer and aftermarket service. SizeGenetics has proven its reputation through the years with outstanding client satisfaction and reviews.

For those who trying to find medically proven devices for penis enhancement, SizeGenetics devices have obtained the approval of medical experts being a safe and effective way for penis enhancement. Additionally, it comes with a six-month guarantee, that says quite a lot about the company’s confidence in their product.


Another company which focuses on penile enhancement devices, X4Labs System offers their clients an efficient and safe method of increasing penile girth and length. Simple but effective, the device provides customers average of 2 to 3 inches enhancement.

Best known for outstanding aftermarket service, X4Labs continues to come on top various customer surveys. In addition, it has a 6-month guarantee and many physicians have approved the use of penile enhancement.

The company’s device also comes with a wide assortment of components to assist customers to make the product more customized to satisfy personal needs and sizes.


The FastSize device doesn’t only enhance penis size but additionally treats penis curvature problems. In addition to the gadget, it also comes along with enhancement instructions, lubricants, stretching creams and for better results virility pills will also include.

Results show that it posted moderate improvements by having an average of one to three inches with continued use of the device. It comes with aftermarket customer service along with a 6-month guarantee.


The company is relatively new to the penile enlargement industry. Customer care and aftermarket service are much to be desired but the device also comes with a 6-month guarantee. For all those looking for a simple penis enhancement device or would like to try the concept, the Vimax device could deliver the experience but we would not guarantee its performance.

#1 Male Enhancement Product: ProExtender

Made by medical doctors and experts engaged in penile enhancements, ProExtender is a really safe and medically approved device for improving the size of the penis. While final results, of course, vary from person to person, ProExtender is recognized as the penile enhancement device that may promise 3-inch gains.

ProExtender packages also come with pills plus CD which trains you in the proper use of the product. Furthermore, it has a 6-month guarantee while offering excellent support service and aftermarket support for products.

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