One thing people noted about Jimi Hendrix was that he could pick up any guitar – no matter how cheap, small, or big – and make it sing unlike anyone else. The importance of this has a lot to do with the size of your penis. As they say, “It is not the wand, it’s the magician who creates the magic.”

Many men get discouraged and hung-up on the size of their pants and feel that size is the end-all to facilitating a woman. This is seriously the case. For one thing, the vagina is stimulated in many ways, ways that do not have anything to do with displacement inside of her (the introduction of a man’s penis into her vagina). Being that the vagina is also a muscular organ, it can contract or expand to accommodate any sized penis.

The largest sex organ in the body is the brain. It not only perceives sexual stimuli in the sex organs and erogenous zones, but the brain is responsible for interpreting this data and sending it back to these areas to create feelings of pleasure. By learning how to “turn on” the brain, it is possible to accentuate these feelings of pleasure.

It’s not uncommon that a man or woman can achieve orgasm without even having any type of sexual stimulation to their body. There are many instances when just thinking about something arousing and sexual, without even being touched (by yourself or another), that an orgasm can be achieved.

Knowing this helps us realize that there are methods of higher stimulation that cannot be achieved by a larger penis versus a smaller penis. Just showing your partner that you really care about them, that you are more interested in their needs than your own, talking to her, and by proving this to your partner during the sexual act will generate wonderful results for her pleasure – and yours.

Massage, touching, holding, exploring, oral stimulation … These are all methods of getting closer to a woman. Especially if a woman is used to just having basic intercourse and having the man roll over and fall asleep when he is finished. What an undignified and disrespectful way of being so intimate with someone; especially when the opportunities for getting creative with sex are infinite. Understand and ask her what pleases her the most … Does she like to be penetrated slowly and rhythmically like a beautiful ballad, or does she prefer the up-tempo, no-holds-barred intense approach? Explore her needs and fulfill them the best way you can.

So if you do feel your size is inadequate, do not worry about it. “It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean that truly counts.”

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Source by Georg Von Neumann