Cheating Husband

As much as I hate to say this but if you are asking yourself whether or not your husband is cheating on you then he probably is. Now don’t get me wrong there is always an exception the rule but more often than not you will find out in the long run that he is having an affair.

Here is a list of signs that will help you determine whether or not your husband is cheating on you.

  1. Your husband changes his grooming habits such as changing cologne, getting a new hairstyle, showering more frequently, he joins a gym, buys new clothes, etc.
  2. There is less money in your bank account than there normally is. See when your husband is having an affair he will more often than not being buying her flowers, taking her to dinner, movies, etc. So if you notice your bank account is lower than normal there is a good chance it is because he is spending it on his mistress.
  3. He is checking and deleting phone calls from his cell phone or from the house phones caller id. It is very common for husbands who are cheating to use their cell phone to talk to their mistress. You may also want to check and see if you notice any patterns of a certain number showing up on your itemized cell phone bill there is a good chance it is his mistress phone number.
  4. Your husband is working late more often or supposedly getting called into work etc. there is a good chance that instead of working he is instead cheating on you with another woman.
  5. Cheating husbands will often change their sex patterns such as wanting to have sex less, this is usually because he feels guilty. He may even want to have sex more often or try new sex positions or even make an unusual sexual request. Make sure to check for any scratches on his back or hickeys when you are having sex.
  6. You notice that your husband gets on the computer when you have gone to bed or left the room. You may even notice him deleting his emails or many times you will find that he has created a new email account altogether just for communicating with his mistress.
  7. Your husband has a significant change in his attitude. It is very common for husbands to show less interest in your children and especially with you when they are having an affair. Often times husbands who are cheating will start to argue with their wife just for an excuse to leave the house and of course he will usually be heading over to see his mistress. Although you may find that in the early stages of him cheating on you that he is actually more kind and attentive to you. This is because he feels guilty for having an affair. However, his attitude will usually change for the worse the longer the affair continues.
  8. There are also some very obvious signs that he may be cheating such as you smelling women’s perfume on him, lipstick on his collar, his wedding ring is off or you find it in his back pocket while doing laundry. He may even offer to help with the laundry so that you don’t notice secretion stains on his underwear. Check the wallet or glove compartment of his car you may find condoms or used condom wrappers.
  9. Your gut tells you that he is having an affair. Honestly, as I said before your gut will usually be right.

To even think about your husband having an affair can be devastating. A lot of times we women would like to ignore it and instead think of excuses as to why he is being different. Because we would rather it not be true but denying it will only delay your having to actually face the situation. Just remember that you do not deserve to be cheated on and you certainly deserve to know whether or not he is cheating on you.

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Source by Lindsay Palow