As a society, India has a basic tendency of connecting everything with cultural values. Be it one’s personal choice of career or life partner, the angle of cultural integrity will always be a prominent decision-making factor for everyone.

In such a society, sex is definitely a hush-hush matter that needs to be talked behind closed doors. And, this is the same civilisation that has caves of Ajanta and Ellora, and also the land from where the ancient text on sexual acts, KamaSutra, came.

History aside, this country is still very much conservative when it comes to sex and anything remotely related to it. In fact, even today there are major prejudices, notions and judgmental attitude towards this intimate act, that are also rooted in the minds of the younger generation.


This S word surely makes many uncomfortable, and raises a couple of eyebrows when uttered in public. In fact, single or married, old or young, man or woman going to buy a condom will always remain a first time experience for everyone every single time. Almost popped out eyes, snide comments, and some usual irritation in the voice of the seller are common free additional byproducts that one gets with the condoms.

Indeed, there is much foreplay (not the literal one) involved in the act of sex in this country that, ironically, has the second highest population in the world. Irrespective of age, gender, social status, or financial condition, sex and its perceptions in this country never changes.
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So, for the singles in India getting some action between the sheets is an achievement and for the married ones it is just a part and parcel for keeping a marriage alive as the society itself dictates the terms from time to time.



For unmarried single Indians sex is forbidden. And, if someone is getting some good action then there is name calling and a sense of discomfort for others. There are some peers who smirk, some who envy, and God forbid, if relatives come to know about it, then definitely there will be endless consequences of it.

For the married ones, it is a taken for granted tour. In most of the times, romance takes a back seat, foreplay means nothing, and mostly, it is done because relatives are asking for offspring to play with. The harsh realities of life takes over, the burden to make the ends meet in a more than an exuberant manner takes its toll. And sex takes a back seat.

For the ones who are in a relationship, there are rules. Rules of below the belt and that perfect time to do it. Though, the whole world might like to believe that there is ample action but yet, it is something not to talk about.


Though this act of passion is a necessity, but in culturally rich India, there are too many other factors attached to it. As per these social parameters, an ideal Indian single is the one with no action at all, an ideal Indian married couple is the one with routine action, and an ideal unmarried couple is the one who knows, now is not the time. However, the rules and inherent psychology about sex is one thing in India that does not discriminate as per race, social status, or anything else except genders. Well, that means at least there is some silver lining!

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