Husband Cheating

You can probably think of all kinds of ways to react to your cheating husband until it’s really your husband that cheats. You’ve probably told friends what you would do if you ever find out your husband has been cheating but when the moment comes and the situation is sitting that close to home, everything changes in the blink of an eye.

You freeze.

You have no idea what to say, do, or how to react to your cheating husband.

It’s as if someone else has taken over your body and all the things you had planned to do in this situation have suddenly evaporated from your brain. The one thing you thought was truly unthinkable has just happened to your marriage.

Why is Cheating Such a Huge Betrayal?

Cheating is often such a big blow because most women do not see it coming. Oh, it’s definitely a fear in the back of many women’s minds but it’s one of those things you really feel will never happen to you.

Oddly enough it’s generally not a result of being that sure of yourself but more a fact of being that sure of your husband. That is why his cheating often comes as such a huge blow. It is not because he cheated on you alone. It is because you trusted him not to cheat on you and he did.

For many women that is the hardest part to handle. It’s not the broken vow. It’s the broken trust. It’s the disillusionment that goes along with cheating that shatters so many marriages.

How Should You React to the News?

Your reaction when you do find out and once you’ve processed the information will set the tone for everything that comes next. This means that the best possible reaction you can give to the news is no reaction – at least not until you’ve really had time to process everything.

You definitely do not want to take the “woman scorned” route until you’ve decided that you are going to walk away from your marriage. Even then, it’s often better to think twice and take the high road if possible.

Your response needs to be to take a step back and process what has happened. Give yourself time to think about what it means to you and your marriage that your husband has cheated.

Figure out if the fact that your husband cheated changes how you feel about him and/or your marriage. Then decide what you want or need to do next. Avoid making split-second reactions that could change the course of your marriage and your life forever.

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