If men learn what makes a guy attractive to a woman they can be more likely to have good relationships with women.

This article will help men be more confident in every aspect of relationships with women and make them aware of what most women want in the men they are attracted to.

Women are emotional beings. It is a fact. Emotions and hormones make women tick. We have intelligence that men should respect, but our emotions are what men need to be aware of. That is why women are strong, but delicate creatures. We can climb mountains and excel at any sport, fields of occupation, and run households. At the same time, we need to be loved and nurtured.

Most women need a man to be confident without having a major ego to go with the confidence. Women can tell the difference between kind confidence, and arrogance. Arrogance is not attractive, it is a negative energy. Guys who have arrogance are very insecure and are considered uncool.

Women like a man to be sweet and endearing. They need to be told how much they are loved, how beautiful they are even when they look their worst. They need to always be told their butt is not big, their hair, nails, makeup, clothes look good. You see, if you are in a relationship with a woman, you are her positive reinforcer. She wants to hear the endearment from you.

Intelligent men are no longer considered unattractive. Intelligent men are the new sexy. They have a natural sweetness, most of the time, and they are willing to learn what makes the woman in their life happy. They listen and are great conversationalists, which women love. They are usually well mannered and respect women.

Of course, women want their men to smell good, and have clean hair and nails. That’s just a no-brainer.

Men who are gentlemen, or just trying to be, are high on a woman’s list of attractiveness. Opening a woman’s door, walking beside her, watching out for her, paying her way on a date, getting her coat, jacket, etc. and helping her with it. Giving her undivided attention at appropriate times, and being kind and gentle with her are truly ways to win a woman’s heart. this gets to the very centre of a woman’s emotional side..

Women are attracted to men who like their own mothers. These men know how to be nice to a woman.

If you have a pet and treat it well, women will be attracted to you. It shows you are in touch with your emotions and are willing to take care of a creature. This is attractive.

Women, for the most part, do not like egotistical men because they are uncaring, rude, obnoxious, bullies, and embarrassing. The men that are this way are totally selfish, controlling, womanizing, cruel, unpredictable, unstable, dangerous jerks. Women will either pick up on this and exit, or they will only put up with it so long and then it’s over.

I wrote this article from personal experiences and from years of talking to women about their relationships and what qualities attract them to a man.

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Source by Pamela Bunta