One of the hottest topics in a relationship today is about emotional affair. A married man who is in his 40s and employed is usually the offender of this type of infidelity. But in most cases, the husbands argue that an emotional affair does not stipulate cheating because no sexual contact is involved. And that it is virtually impossible for a man to prevent himself from having emotional feelings with another person, not his wife.

On the other hand, marriage experts and psychologists are unanimous in saying that it is improper to have an emotional affair. A married man has made a vow and promised his wife to be faithful and honest at all times. And that the key components of emotional infidelity are deception, dishonesty and confidentiality. The wife describes to be informed of things that she needs to know such as when the husband develops an emotional feeling with his co-worker or his whereabouts.

What really establishes an emotional cheating is that when a married man engages in a relationship that is inappropriate with another woman. This usually begins with a simple friendship and then they start sharing conversations and secrets.

The husband does not want his wife to know about his relationship with his “special friend”, what they usually talk about, and that they hang out together. This is what separates an emotional affair from a platonic friendship. The husband starts saying to his wife about important things.

An emotional affair usually occurs at work, online, and with an old friend or ex-lover. The reason why men get involved in emotional cheating is that their emotional needs and wants are not met by their wife. This is contrary to common belief that it is due to physical attraction and sexual desires.

Married couples who are undergoing this type of problem resort to marriage counselling. But most of the time, the therapy does not work because the husband is not cooperative maybe because he is embarrassed to share the details. A more effective way to deal with this issue is to avail online courses that end an emotional affair. A married man is more comfortable dealing with problems privately.

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Source by Evelyn Andersen