In this article, I would like to tackle a SIMPLE, yet the absolutely effective way that most alpha men use to create a spark, not to mention ‘attraction’ to the girls they meet.


During series of studies and surveys, we asked women what they want in a man and they always categorized HUMOR as one of their top 3.

And you will see that most dating and relationship courses cover an in-depth information about laughter, and how powerfully magnetic this trick is that it produces irrevocable attraction towards women.

You might call it teasing, or negging, cocky-funny lines or even sarcasm, humor is crucial to your dating scene. Not that this trick renders temporary impact but humor leaves a lasting impression that contributes a lot in your success with women.

Unfortunately, many men failed to understand the entire concept every time they attempt to act funny or interesting around women.

To make women laugh and get attracted to you at the same time, you must understand 4 important codes of humor.

CODE #1: Never Be A Clown

To be funny never requires you to act like a clown and a complete fool. To act this way imposes that you are really trying hard to make them laugh, and honestly, that doesn’t seem natural. And girls aren’t impressed with guys who poses something that they’re not.

This will depreciate your social status and makes you look like you are hopelessly begging for her approval. To add, when you act like this, women will surely be laughing… Not with you, but at you. And that is not funny.

CODE #2: To Tease Her Is To Annoy And Please Her

Fifth graders just don’t know how smart they are at attracting girls. If a boy likes someone at school he might pull her hair, pull some pranks and call the girl various names.

But I won’t suggest that you pull her hair (well at least not for now), but teasing a woman is probably the best way to practice humor. But don’t become a nuisance to her life nor a snazzy jerk. Rather it is a surefire treatment that shows you are unafraid of being yourself and teasing her is one of your cool sides.

Make teasing possible simply by:

1. Calling her a special & funny nickname

2. Mimic her tone of voice or

3. Playfully mess up with the things she says

4. Perhaps imitate the unusual way she moves/mannerisms

Teasing a woman is a perfect way to affirm familiarity or openness. If you are already teasing her, even if you just met the woman, you just tapped the medium that can help you break that awkward moment of getting to know the other person.

CODE #3: Body Language

If you happen to look at every effective comedian, you will probably notice one common pattern. These people do know how to use every part of their body to deliver a joke. They’re able to make funny variations of facial expressions, utilizing things for props, gestures, and motions using their hands and use whatever they have to entertain people.

Yet you don’t need to be a clown to attract women. But you do need to remember that the language of your body highly influences the effectiveness of your words. So while you are teasing a woman, it is best that you initiate body contact in a way that demonstrates comfortable and easy interaction with her.

You may:

1. Playfully and lightly box her

2. Be silly and play hand games such as ‘thumb wrestling’, ‘hand clapping’ or ‘red hands’

3. (My favorite) Pushing her aside and then tugging her back into a light hug

My point here is to simply use humor to split what we call ‘touch barrier’ whilst making her and you laugh at the same time! You both win as you’re having a great time!

CODE #4: Do Other Interesting Things

The thing is you should sprinkle humor to add spice and flavor to your conversation. Do not make it your main course.

Focusing only on teasing to make women laugh doesn’t showcase the other sides of your persona. That is why it is best that you become more creative and do other interesting things that will help you maximize the moment, thus, maintaining the attraction that you established.

So while you engage yourself in making her laugh, you might also want to:

1. Establish physical contact

2. Strengthen rapport

3. Tell her your adventurous tales (do not boast)

4. Be interested in her life as well and ask her different questions

Through doing these 4 codes, you’ll look like a well-rounded person, fun and interesting, and definitely an excellent company!

In the seduction and attraction game, humor could be your tastiest ingredient. It is an effective tool to get a girl. So make sure you understand it correctly! If you follow these 4 simple codes, you’ll make that fun, exciting and flirtatious vibe that will unfailingly help you to get the girl.

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