Face to face flirting is often intended to elicit interest from a potential mate through playful and flattering behaviour. There are several different components that are involved in the art of flirtation. These can include the type of conversation that one engages in, the brief episodes of physical touch and overall body language.

Flirting over the internet is complicated because it is not possible to exhibit many of the typical faces to face flirting cues. However, many clever singles have discovered how to overcome the limitations of flirting online with great success. Here are a few of their strategies.

When you first interact with someone online it is wise to communicate in a conservative, non-flirtatious manner. It is imperative that you learn the comfort boundaries of your flirt partner. Gradually you will learn when it will be appropriate to behave in a more casual and playful way. Do not be overly flirtatious. Discussing seriously intimate situations, being too open with sexual conversations, and using obviously sexually charged emoticons (small logos inserted into emails or instant messages that carry a message like a bumper sticker on car), can be a real turn off. It is also more fun to ensure that you leave some topics for later when you may choose to meet in person.

Avoid using a lot of abbreviated internet lingo when having a conversation. Many people overuse the common acronyms like “LOL” (Laugh Out Load), and “BRB” (Be Right Back). It’s annoying and may give the wrong impression about you.

Follow up with an email message or an electronic “thank you” card after a good instant message session. Many people, particular females, will enjoy and take a positive note of this little act of kindness. Understand human nature. It is a proven psychological fact that people see themselves as the most important aspect of their life. It is important to allow people to talk about themselves. Ask them questions about their daily activities and their interests. Individuals are attracted to those who take a keen interest in their lives.

Flirting commonly involves learning how to offer compliments. People almost always enjoy a well delivered, sincere, specific compliment. The compliments that you issue should be about something deeper than just their appearance. Perhaps the individual has an interesting hobby, is very successful in their job or is very involved with their children. Try complimenting the character, self-control, endurance, tenacity or hard work required for their success instead of the success itself.

Finally be natural. Be yourself. Many individuals have the tendency to act like someone that they are not when they are online. Not only does this immediately reflect on you in a negative way but, it also can work against you later on. This is particularly true if the individual records all of your conversations only to discover later that you often contradicted yourself.

Always remember that the most powerful technique for successful online flirting simply involves patiently taking a sincere, honest interest in the other person.

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