Have you ever had the experience of being with a man who seemed to be attracted to you one day, then acted as though you did not exist on the next? He gives all the indications that he’s interested in you – he flirts, he teases you, he remembers all your conversations. Everything he does makes you more and more attracted to him, but he never seems to make the move to take things to the next level.

It may be fun at the beginning, but it’s enough to drive any woman nutty after a while. It’s easy to feel confused by such a guy’s actions, and it’s not unusual to stay up certain nights wondering just what it would have liked if the two of you actually started dating. What’s he up to, and why is not he making any moves?

There’s little reason to panic. You may be surprised to know that a man can have several reasons why he does not take your friendship to the next level, and they have nothing to do with you. Here are some possible reasons:

# 1 – He may be taken. Guys who know how to flirt, tease, or otherwise make women feel good around them will definitely be very attractive. It’s easy for these men to get a girlfriend. But once they do, then try not to blame them for not asking you out for coffee – they’re just doing the right thing by playing it safe!

# 2 – He may only be attracted to you physically. Physical attraction is all well and good, and can break the ice between the two of you. But it often is not enough to make a guy want to “go there” with you.

# 3 – He may be getting some mixed signals from you. It could be that he’s actually interested in you, but you’re giving away certain vibes that make him think twice about actually getting serious with you.

You obviously can not do anything about the first reason (nor should you), but you can do something about the second and third reasons. Remember that relationships based on physical attraction never last long. You’ll need to trigger a good amount of emotional attraction in him – it’s that kind of “chemistry” that makes him look forward to seeing you again.

You can do this by not doing the most obvious things, like boring him by talking about the weather or your job or complaining too much. Keep this in mind – men love smart, independent, fun-to-be-with women. Tweak your personality to have these qualities, and men will notice you enough to actually ask you out soon.

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Featured Image: Identity Magazine
Source by A Aaron