Years of study have proven to me that the attributions you project to women have a dramatic effect on their feelings for you.

You know, nice guys finish last has some truth when you apply it to attracting women.

If you can learn to project the right kinds of attitudes your success with women will improve.

Two attributions that have proved successful are:

1. Indifference

2. Bad Boy

Let’s take a look at each one.

Indifference is an attitude you must cultivate. It’s difficult to act like you do not care about things that are important to you.

I believe the reason women find indifference attractive is that they are kept wondering. Wondering about your feelings for them. It provides women with a riddle that they just can not seem to solve. Your attitude says you do not care but your actions say that you do care. Indifference makes you kind of Mysterious.

Bad Boy. Women are attracted to the bad boy attitude. We’ve all heard the story of the women who would stick with the awful bad boy. It just does not make sense. I believe women love bad boys because they like individuals. A guy who is not afraid to speak their mind. Guys who are selfish. Guys who are misunderstood.

It is important to be the person you really are, but if you can learn to incorporate some of these attitudes into your personality it’s possible to create massive attraction in women. Learning to be attractive to women will open up a whole new world for you.

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Featured Image: Luv Biz Chicago
Source by B. Bryon Bryson