How do we become more attractive to women without the need for wealth or fame?

Let me ask you a simple question. Where do the most valued treasures and resources come from? By treasures and resources, I mean things like oil, gold and diamonds.

They all come from below, underground and need to be extracted and thought to the surface. A man who knows this and is willing do this will become more attractive and successful with women in short space of time and have more success dating.

As a man, we do not have to recreate these feelings on the outside; we can mine the treasures within her. Speak to a woman about a great experience you had rafting down a raging river, a river that twisted and turned with frothing water, the sense of excitement and unknowingness that was like electric firing through your body that led to a sense of vibrancy and connection with the world. Tell her about these feelings of groundedness that you felt knowing you would be able to experience fear and excitement at the same time and that having this centeredness you felt able to go forth into the world and project your essence and uplift the world.

So it is with all of these powerful and deep emotions and feelings. This might be strange for men, but exhilarating for women. Deep down within woman are these treasures and resources for wonderful feelings and states. She has experienced them before, felt them and been very interested and captivated by them. If you do this you will become even more attractive and have greater success with women and dating.

If you have had an experience and you can describe it in some detail, with some depth, a woman will find that same experience inside her and feel it, experience it and love it! Then she will find you more attractive, desirable and you will be more successful with women.

Yet, we have not even taken her out on a date. We have brought out the oil, gold and diamonds that are within her and she will appreciate us for doing that. She will be in a vibrant and powerful state and will have had a rich and deep experience just by being with you.

Charisma. It has been defined as being and an emotional leader, being able to lead those that choose to follow you to the emotional promised land. Awakening her Feminine Radiance will make you more attractive to women and more successful in dating.

Perhaps you could enrich your ‘relating’ with women by going inside more and focussing less on the going out. Moreover, you could now bring out the true flavour of any date by bringing out her oil, gold and diamonds while on the date.

Tell her more about what the experience feels like and ask how she feels about the experience and her feelings about her feelings. It is a simple and potentially controversial idea. Those ideas do tend to work, do not they?

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Source by Craig West