It is a myth that the more handsome and the richer you are, the more women are interested in you. While the physical look and financial stability are great pluses, they are not the top qualities women fall for in men. There are men who are surrounded by women everywhere they go, they seem to be able to make any women fall for them with their charm. So what are the tricks? What do women find attractive in men?

1. Self-confidence. Women like men who are confident in themselves. They know what they are doing and people admire them. No matter how big or how small it is, being confident about yourself and what you do makes you look charming and women will notice it.

2. Be sensitive but not needy. Women need someone who can understand them. The saying goes that it is impossible to understand a woman, which may be true at times, but most of the time they are just humans like themselves who need someone to go for comfort. They need advice when they are confused and mostly they want someone they can talk to. Be available for her but do not crow her with your presence as being too needy will put her off.

3. Be a little hard to get. Women enjoy challenges too just like men. Make sure you do not overdo it. The fact that she needs to have some effort to get your attention will make you more attractive in her eyes. It is even better if you have other women around you who supposedly want your attention as well. Winning you like the trophy will be worth the effort.

4. Be trustworthy and dependable. Make sure you do what you preach. Do not make promises you can not keep. Be reliable, let them know they can trust you and that you are doing your best to make life easy for them.

5. Have a good sense of humor. Be fun and make everyone happy around you. Be someone people will turn to when they feel down to lift their spirit up.

6. Lift up your woman’s confidence. Many people overlook this important point. Everyone, especially women, needs to be reminded once in a while of the good qualities they have. They also need to be reminded that their imperfections are not so much to worry about. Let your woman know that she still looks good even though she does not have a supermodel figure, that she has beautiful eyes and how you like the way she does her hair. Small gestures will take you far if you know how to play your games right.

7. Do not be a perfectionist and too demanding. While some women may share the same characteristics, most women enjoy easy going life. It is tiring to be with someone that requires everything to be done in perfect ways to every single detail. Life is hard enough as it is, be flexible and do not stress about unimportant details.

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