Are you embarrassed every time you stand naked before a woman? Do you feel less endowed and unable to satisfy your woman sexually? Is the thought of your penis size sapping you sexually and leaving you unable to function as a man?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then hang on. This article may save you further embarrassment in the bedroom.

You have a small penis if it is 5 inches or less. With this “unfavourable penis size”, you need to massively work on your other lovemaking skills. You can provide the intimacy and connection your spouse craves for by leveraging your other lovemaking skills.

For example, most women feel much more fulfilled sexually with oral sex than the actual intercourse. Put some thought into how you can give your woman maximum pleasure with your fingers and tongue. Become an expert in cunnilingus and the size of your cock may well pale into insignificance.

However, there are some excellent sex positions you can adopt any time you make love to your wife or girlfriend. These sex positions ensure you get deep penetration and a wonderful climax for you and your partner.

We will examine these sex positions one after the other:

1. Rear entry Position: In this position, the lady gets down on all fours with her body resting on the pillow or the bed. With this lovemaking position, she gets a tighter feeling and the man enjoys a better sensation.

2. She forms a V-shape with her legs in the air while lying on her back. The man then enters her while holding the legs in the same V- shape position. With this position, the man enjoys deep penetration and good thrusting.

3. Man in a sitting position: In this sensational sex position, the man sits while the woman lies on her back facing him. She should preferably place a pillow under her hips. The man then enters her while the woman holds her legs in the air.

This position helps to contract the cervix of the woman thereby making it easy for the small penis to hit the cervix for good orgasm.

4. Man on top of the woman: This is an advanced missionary position. With this position, the woman while lying on her back holds her bent knees up towards her chest. She should place her head on a pillow to elevate it slightly.

This position will ensure pressure is placed on her vaginal wall for the benefit of the small penis.

5. The woman lying face down: Let the woman lying face down keeping her legs together. The legs of the man, however, should be placed on either side of the woman’s legs.

When the man is ready to penetrate her, she should open her legs slightly for easy penetration. When the man successfully enters here, she should then close her legs. The pleasure is deep for both of them.

The sex position above can dramatically improve your sexual performance. In addition, put more effort into learning more lovemaking skills. Think of how you can make your sexual performance more intimate and passionate. The book 500 lovemaking tips and skills by Michael Webb will help you achieve this easily.

Good Luck!

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