10 Sexy Ideas For Couples

For some reason, many couples stop sexually experimenting as their relationship matures. In fact, this is the best time for couples to experiment with the extra familiarity with each others body leads to great sex and massive orgasms. Try these 10 sexy suggestions and spice up your sex life.

1. Experiment with Girl-on-Top Sex Positions

A common mistake is to think that cowgirl is the only girl-on-top sex position. In fact, there are many sexy ideas for couples to experiment with. Try getting her to lean back, lean forward or face away from you for some different, exciting positions.

2. Experiment with Bondage (Sort of).

One misconception is that bondage is only about dark rooms and people wearing gimp masks. If couples are into that, that can be fun, but for most of the couples, it is better to experiment with a little bit. Instead of going to extremes, simply use anything that is near the bed for tying her. Clothes, bedsheets and even curtains can all act as binds and give a sexy image of getting lost in the heat-of-the-moment.

3. Simulating Threesomes

Threesomes are a common sexual fantasy for both men and women, however, women worry a lot about the potential fallout of bringing someone into the bedroom. Therefore a lot of couples like to experiment with the fantasy but without the risk. Put on your favourite scene from a movie and as you start to have sex use your hands on her telling her that a third person is touching her. Providing you use your voice effectively, this can be a really sexy fantasy for women.

4. Time for Food and Drink Foreplay

While this fantasy has appeared in every movie ever (You know something is common when the Wayans Brothers make a parody of it!). However if done right, it can be a sexy way to experiment in bed. The key is to choose a range of textures and make sure that one food is smooth and sensual feeling.

5. Risky Sex

Adding in a little bit of danger will spice up sex massively. As well as risking getting caught, experiment with sex in a slightly dangerous place (Such as near a drop). Just make sure not to get carried away- a court appearance and fine will not help either of your libidos!

6. Embrace New Orgasm Technology.

New technology always offers new ways to experiment sexually and one of these is ‘sexting’ (Using your phone to send erotic messages). Whether you send her hot messages to build anticipation between meetings or give her a sexy reminder of a great night, these messages build up the excitement and lust. The next time you see each other you can look forward to great sex and explosive orgasms.

7. Kegel Exercises For Orgasm Control

The word is out that men can have multiple orgasms too, but keep it quiet! Start training like Rocky using these exercises and soon you will see what everyone has been talking about. Go champ, 10 more reps, c’mon!!!

8. Squirting Orgasms/ Female Ejaculation Orgasms

Yes, they are possible. Yes, you can have them with your partner. Yes, they are as good for her as you heard! Learn the technique and let her go crazy tonight.

9. Multiple Erogenous Zone Massage Orgasms

Women are complicated creatures, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. By finding out all of her erogenous zones and stimulating them correctly you can soon have her having orgasms she didn’t even know were possible.


The smart people will have noticed that the list only has nine entries, that is because you have to decide what number ten is. What is your ultimate fantasy, something that turns you on every time you think about it and, this is the best part, how can you make it a reality?

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Featured Image: Men’s Fitness
Source by Harlan Mulroy