For some of us planning a trip involves a lot of time, effort and sacrifice. It means cutting back in expenses, saving, and making adjustments just to be able to give ourselves 5 days of pampering at the beach. All this can go down the drain if even the slightest detail goes wrong. This is why the answer to ‘do I need travel insurance?’ is yes

Maybe you have heard, seen or lived some of the following: Cancelled flights: you are stranded in the airport losing a vacation that never even started. Missing luggage: you arrive at your hotel with nothing but the clothes on your back iPod and your passport. That was not your idea of an amazing vacation. Accidents: You decide to rent a car and then get involved in an accident. Not only is your vacation ruined, you also are facing a huge expense.

The next thing you do after yelling at everyone that crosses your way is to call home. You explain the story a million times getting madder and madder each time, plus making everyone else worried. You spend the rest of your vacation sitting in the hotel’s lobby.

When all this happens, nobody pays for anything, but you. In strange lands, you are the only responsible and your safety net is far away. What would happen if you lose your wallet on the way to the amusement park with the kids? You will disappoint yourself and them.

Yes, all this has happened to someone somewhere, but it does not have to happen to you. All these horror stories can be avoided in one single step: purchasing travel insurance. This way you will always feel safe by knowing you have a backup plan for any situation that might come your way. Do not lose your sleep over vacation nightmares and concentrate on the fun experience it can be!

With a little research, you will find a great variety of service providers that can offer a wide range of different options in travel insurance plans. You should at least get the cancellation – interruption plan, in which if you cancel your vacations due to an emergency, you will get a refund so you can enjoy them later down the road. Your credit card company or home insurance company may offer some form of travel protection. Make sure you contact your home insurance or credit card company to see just what is covered, as coverage can be limited.

A medical coverage plan is a must if you want to travel to a less modern area or if you intend to go on adventurous expeditions. This type of insurance will ensure that you are securely covered when it comes to medical bills and receiving the proper attention. Some even offer a service that will bring you home for treatment or hospitalization.

If you’re looking at cruise brochures for the perfect romantic holiday, you must have a very important fine print cause in mind: non-refundable. If you plan a vacation and pay for the most luxurious all-inclusive plans for your vacation and have to cancel for whatever reason, the ticket will be lost. Travel insurance will cover you and make sure you just did not throw a bundle of money down the drain.

Have fun and relieve your stress, live a holiday as it is meant to be with a travel insurance backing you up!

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