If you thought Ecocapsule, the self-sustainable mobile home was a stunning, dreamy creation that perfectly fused nature and travel, here’s something way cooler and mind boggling. Creative geniuses of Hollyweb, an inflatable manufacturing company have designed and created inflatable transparent bubble tents that let you camp or sleep wherever you want.

From enjoying a panoramic view of the countryside to sleeping under the moonlit sky or just watching the raindrops, these see though tents allow travellers, adventure seekers and trekkers to be close to nature as much as possible. Sunrise, sunsets, or just gazing at the stars, name it, and you got it!

Here are some pictures that will make you fall in love with this.


Made of PVC, these transparent bubble tents are water proof as well as fire-retardant and can house two people at a time.


To inflate the tent, you would need to plug in the tent’s blower along with 2000 USD.

You can get your own transparent bubble tent from Amazon.

All Images Courtesy: Amazon

Story Input: Bored Panda