The gate that leads to destruction is broad and many will enter into it. But the gate that leads to life is narrow, and only a few will find it. Matthew 7: 13-14. This truth of Jesus’ teaching has to do with the secret of life.

Remember the widow who only wave two mites while the rich men were casting their gifts into the treasury? Jesus said she had given more than all of them. The rich cave out of their abundance, but she gave more because she had the little that she had to live on. Luke 21: 3-4.

I know things have gotten very rough for lots of people who may be trying to support their families, or are just trying to survive. There is something we can do. We can prove God. Jesus said to ask in his name, believing, and Creator will give us what we ask for.

It appears that motivation of actions is the greatest factor bringing us Creator’s blessing. That is what He sees when He examines our hearts.

The widow only caves two mites, but she has the greatest gift of all because she gave out of the depth of her heart. She wanted so much to give something and probably felt bad because all she had to give was two mites.

I want Creator’s blessing for each of us, and I believe we receive this when we give.

I believe giving is the secret of life. It is giving that we receive. And the amount does not matter.

Often when I help someone, it may not be a great amount, but it may be all I have at the time, and I give it from my heart.

There is a strip mall on Central in Albuquerque where many destitute people hang out so I go there so I can help someone. I put dollar bills in my pocket to share with them. I know that dollar bills may not sound like much, but if that is all I have, I do not let that stop me from giving. At least a couple dollars will buy a hamburger and senior coffee at McDonald’s. And I know I receive Creator’s blessing. My heart rejoices and I feel an inner happiness when I give something.

Giving is the secret of life. When we give from the heart, we receive Creator’s blessing even if the amount is only one dollar. We receive when we give.

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Source by Dorothy K Daigle