Romantic Honeymoon Vacation

The only thing on a newly wedded couple’s mind is their honeymoon … A quixotic honeymoon! With a galore of options like the mountains, beaches the couple find it really hard to decide where to go. The list of most of the newlyweds includes places like Italy, Bahamas, Mexico, Hawaii, Ireland, or Thailand …

The Bahamas and Hawaii are perfect destinations for people who love to spend romantic moments together on the beach. Picturesque views of Hawaii and water sports, scuba diving the beautiful, attractive corals at the Bahamas are irresistible. These two destinations will definitely add more romance to your newly started married life.

Mexico and Italy are truly romantic destinations, with Italy having a more classy touch. Ireland is also considered to be the perfect and romantic honeymoon destination, with extremely beautiful places to visit.

However, a personal touch is important to turn the honeymoon into a truly romantic affair. Most of the places the couple visits are not secluded and the couple needs to make some special efforts, like planning for picnics at private spots, etc. so as to spend some intimate time together. Planning for a candlelight dinner, going out for a walk in the moonlight, sharing intimate moments … these make the honeymoon highly romantic, subtle affair.

Ideas like gifting your partner for every little thing he/she does, bringing in flowers every morning, the much thought after the massage, using fragrances for the room, etc. not only make the honeymoon extremely romantic, but also an affair to remember.

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Source by Kum Martin