Mauritius is the land where the east meets west and is known as the land of beaches. Mauritius is a small island country south of India. It has many beach resorts, lagoons and other sites that are popular with tourists staying in self-catering holiday home accommodation. Mauritius has some of the best holiday villas in this area that can be rented directly from their owners.

An island is a beautiful place that attracts holidaymakers looking for a relaxing holiday in the sun. Many choose to rent holiday villas with swimming pools or stay in some of the superb self-catering holiday apartments that Mauritius has to offer.

Mauritius has some beautiful churches, museums, galleries and colonial houses. The culture and heritage of Mauritius are rich and there are many festivals held throughout the year. Many of these are influenced by its Indian origin and are very popular with holidaymakers.

Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius is located in the north west of the island. It is an excellent location for the capital city with a mountain range on one side and the calm bay on the other. The city is known for its colonial buildings, paved roads, temples, pagodas and mosques. Each is different and unique and they provide a reflection of the diversity existing in Mauritius. There are also plenty of shops offering many locally made goods that are popular with tourists.

Another popular tourist destination is Champ De Mars. This is the oldest racecourse on the island and is well worth a visit with racing taking place from May to September. You need only walk around the city to get a feel of its splendour. There are self-catering holiday apartments that can be rented as holiday homes in this part of Mauritius and these are popular with tourists who want to feel and savour the cities vibrant nightlife.

Grand Bay in the northern part of Mauritius is known for its calm lagoons and sandy beaches. Many holidaymakers stay here in holiday villages with swimming pools and it is one of the best places in Mauritius. It is an area of beautiful beaches and warm clear water to swim in.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden is the most visited attraction in Mauritius. The garden has a variety of rare plants and one of its most famous is the Victoria Amazonica Water Lilies. It is also home to the Talipot tree which flowers after sixty years and then sadly dies soon after. Mahe De Labourdonnais was the French governor of Mauritius built the garden.

Tamarin Beach is located on the western shoreline. The beach is ideal for surfing and body boarding. This part of Mauritius is also popular with holidaymakers staying in villas and self-catering holiday apartments. They are drawn here by the great water sports and many come back here year after year.

Mauritius is a great holiday if you want a relaxing holiday in the sun by the sea. It has some beautiful beaches with warm clear water. There are some fabulous luxury villas that can be rented in Mauritius as holiday homes. There is also a good choice of self-catering holiday apartments making Mauritius a great place to spend a relaxing holiday in the sun.

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