So you’re looking around for party ideas? There are lots of places you can find party ideas and party ideas can involve simple accents to a party to liven it up or anchor themes to center your party around. Most people start looking for ideas when they’ve reached the point where they just do not want to end another year of the same old same old. You know what they say; variety is the spice of life.

Some quick and easy party ideas to liven up any party are games, and activities. Music games can be fun, like a simple game of musical chairs. Rather than bringing up the controversial proposal of ‘strip poker’ you can play ‘dress yourself’ poker as an alternative. With each losing round players have to put on another layer of clothing, eventually, players will look silly and those who can not stand the heat will forfeit the game by taking off the extra layers. The winners get to eat as much ice cream as they can.

Party themes are another type of party idea that people are often searching for to create the perfect party. Some common themes are the Under The Sea, the Mardi Gras, or the Oscar party. The Under the Sea party brings back old memories of the prom days of the fifties and sixties when they had under the sea dances. You can usually pull one off with lots of blue and green décor, maybe a bubble machine or two. The Mardi Gras party theme is getting attached to all kinds of parties. This one involves lots of jazz music, masks, and beads. The Oscar Party or movie party or silver screen party and variations of it can be a great way to add a theme to a classy affair. Guests can come dressed as movie stars, you can nominate guests to receive Oscars of their own and you can hire a photographer to act as the paparazzi.

Feature Image: Evening Standard

Source by Gail Leino