Enough of Europe trips, American dreams, exotica of Middle East, sunsets of Southeast Asia, natural bonhomie of Australia! 71% of Earth is covered by water; let’s talk about exploring that part of the globe. And, what best way to explore the oceans but to take cruises across different regions of the world. In fact, luxury cruises are available all over the world and the kind of facility that they have are unbelievable. Sometimes, what is not or can not be made available on land has been made available or possible over water on luxury cruises.

A vacation on a cruise is an experience that can not be replicated by any other vacation unless they make space tourism affordable and accessible. Imagine going off to sleep on a different location and waking up to a new view, new location; sailing around Antarctica, seeing some amazing wildlife, experiencing underwater world. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? Add to that, luxuries like succulent dining, prompt room-service, beautiful suites and rooms, swimming pools, relaxing on deck, and enjoying cool breeze.

If your next vacation plan includes considering a cruise trip then here are the 9 luxury cruises you must know about that will offer more than you ever expected.

P.S.: This list is not in any particular order.

#1. Silversea Cruises:

This luxury cruise line owns 10 ships that offer the finest luxury over oceans. The ships have a variety of suites, like Grand Suite, Royal Suite, Silver Suite, Medallion Suite, Expedition Suite, Deluxe Veranda Suite, Terrace Suite, Explorer Suite, Adventure Suite so on and so forth. Silversea cruise ships covers worldwide destinations from Indian Ocean to Antarctica to Mediterranean to far East of Russia and whatever falls in the middle.

In terms of luxury, Silversea provides personalised high quality service, room service; has premium liquors, lounge, restaurants, bars, clubs and even dining in suite facility; fitness centre, salon, lite dining option; and a host of exciting activities. All the other necessary travel details are available on their website.

Silversea Cruises

#2. Crystal Cruises:

Crystal has 5 luxury cruise ships that travel through fantastic global destinations. Known for offering world-class service and facilities, vacationing on any of the Crystal Cruise ship doesn’t only mean relaxing, there are a number of activities that the guests can indulge in. You can take golf classes, learn language, attend wellness seminars and do a whole lot of stuff even while vacationing.

Crystal Cruises also covers the whole world and let you enjoy the very best of every destination.

Crystal Cruises

#3. Oceania Cruises:

6 cruise ships fair part of the planet. The speciality of Oceania Cruises is that guests are supposed to select the luxuries that they would like to avail unlike the others that offer all-inclusive deals. All the cruise ships offer different entertainment activities, individual services, facilities as per the preference and requirements of guests.

The cruise ships of Oceania sail through the world and their 180 Days World Cruises is quite an impressive offering.

Oceania Cruises

#4. Regent Seven Seas Cruises:

Regent has 4 mid size luxury cruise ships. The ships have pool deck, library, café, internet facility, casinos, show lounges, fitness clubs and so on and so forth. Regent cruises also offers shore excursion personalise options allowing guests to choose their preference. Dining is one of the highlight of Regent and that definitely is an attraction for many.

Regent cruises sail across Atlantic Ocean and covers mind-blowing landscapes.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

#5. Paul Gauguin Cruises:

They have 2 mid size luxury ships having amazing facilities. The good part of both these ships is that most of the suites have private balconies. For honeymooners, these cruises are just the perfect with a host of activities, facilities, and entertainment options. Water sports, diving, and shore excursions are some of the attractions of the ships.

Paul Gauguin cruises sail through small ports which are mostly untouched by big luxury cruises.

Paul Gauguin Cruises

#6. Seabourn Cruise Line:

This is a small ship cruise line with very impressive facilities and amenities. Currently, they have 4 ships that taken you to a journey to remember forever. Though the Seabourn ships are smaller in side than the premium cruise lines but when it comes to luxury they are no less. From spa to marine expeditions to food and wine tasting to exploring remote destination, Seabourn cruise line offers exciting vacation.
Seabourn do not offer world cruises but it does cover some of the most interesting destinations including Panama Canal, Antarctica and Patagonia, and northern Europe.

Seabourn Cruise Line

#7. Un-Cruise Adventures:

Un-Cruise offers an amazing variety of cruise experience that includes adventure cruise, river cruise, theme cruise, and also family vacation options. For nature lovers, safari types, and wildlife enthusiasts, this is the best cruising option.

The Un-Cruise Adventures sail on Pacific area and cover best of the nature and beauty.

Un-Cruise Adventures

#8. Ponant:

Ponant is about Yacht cruises and expeditions and have 5 ships. Attentive room service, private dining facility on deck, special arrangement on suites and cabins, French style menu, and a host of activity is what the guests can avail with Ponant.

Ponant cruises can take you all over the globe including Arctic and Antarctica.


#9. SeaDream Yacht Club:

SeaDream has 2 yachts that cover Mediterranean, Transatlantic, and Caribbean regions. SeaDream Yacht Club has every sort of 5 star services one can think of. Water sports happen to be another attraction for guests of SeaDream. For young travellers who want to explore and have a great vacation, this one ensures everything.

SeaDream Yacht Club

Time to take a vacation on a cruise, may be?

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