Who wants to stay alone? People want to be loved, wanted, appreciated and respected. But on the contrary, there are times when you dread everything around you, feel claustrophobic or downtrodden, get to the verge of giving up or probably just get apesh*t drunk so that you no longer have to stay connected to the world around you.

These are symptoms that you have to pack your bags and travel alone. These are voices in your head that are literally screaming and urging you to go away to some mysterious place, be all by yourself, take things slowly, do things your way and probably re-analyze yourself and your life.

Travelling always helps. Maybe a change of place, a gush of fresh air, the unwinding feeling, new surroundings can get you back on track.

If you feel an instant connect to this, read on further just to be sure that you ought to travel alone immediately.

#1: Weekends don’t seem exciting.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc, are all the same to you. And you don’t even realise when weekend hits you. You turn down every plan that your family or friends make.

#2: Your favourite things seem dull and meaningless now.

For e.g. your playlist seems to have lost its charm, reading a book by a preferred author isn’t uplifting anymore, having a conversation with your family and closest friends doesn’t seem to help or going to regular places which are supposed to comfort you, no longer appeal to you.

#3: Your productivity at work starts fading away.

In spite of a proper plan chalked out for the day, you are lost most of the times, and keep waiting for your shift to get over and push off and crash early.

#4: When your mental health starts taking a toll on your physical health.

You are preoccupied most of the times and you feel exhausted and overwhelmed. There is a constant heavy feeling in your head and you can’t help feeling sick.

#5: When you feel nothing is working out.

You are in a perpetual state of disappointment and discontentment. You feel terribly sick of everything/everyone and feel there is no point in doing anything.

#6: You long for a faraway place.

You talk/feel/think like a constant escapist. You feel restless as well as tired and just feel like breaking away and going on an impromptu travel to an unknown place, somewhere really far off.


#7: Relatability is almost negligible and irritability is on the rise.

You just can’t relate to what people say, think or expect you to do, whatsoever. The normalcy in your life has started becoming an alien concept.

#8: Freshness is almost gone.

No matter how many hours you sleep or rest, you just don’t feel energetic or fresh anymore. You are persistently dragging yourself around. There is continuous feeling of exhaustion.

#9: Frequent breakdowns.

The bouts of breakdowns have increased. You feel vulnerable in all situations and you feel crying is the only solution. Mostly, you are on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

#10: You think only solitude can heal you.

You feel jittery when you are around people. You ignore people and always prefer your own space. You strictly avoid the company of humans.

Don’t be in a state of denial. Address the fact you need to travel, preferably travel alone