“Asli Masale Sach Sach, MDH MDH…” Does this phrase ring a bell in your head? This advertisement reminds us of spices that added to our delicious sabzis.

Yes, our beloved king of spices Dharampal Gulati whom you have always seen in the advertisement with the usual red turban has yet again made news by bagging the position of the highest paid CEO in the FMCG sector. A fifth-grade school drop-out, Gulati joined his family business 60 years ago, is now recently the talk of the town.

In the last fiscal, he has been noted for taking home more than Rs 21 crore as salary which has scaled higher than Adi Godrej of Godrej Consumer Company and other CEO’s such as Sanjiv Mehta of Hindustan Unilever and YC Deveshwar of ITC.

Dharampal Gulati’s company called ‘Mahashian Di Hatti (MDH)’ has achieved a 15% jump in revenues i.e. Rs 924 crore along with 24% increase in net profit of Rs. 213 crore.

Success growing with age!

Mr. Gulati who is also called as Dadaji has thrived and worked hard all these years, making daily rounds and visits to the markets, factories and dealers even today at a remarkable age of 94.

When asked, what motivates him to achieve such success in all these years? Dadaji simply said “My motivation to work is being sincere in product quality sold at affordable prices. And nearly 90% of my salary goes to my charity in my personal capacity.”

Now that’s a true entrepreneur with a golden heart.

Featured Image: CIIM