Those who fall in love are lucky but those who accomplish their love are luckier. There have been millions of love stories across the globe. Some have happy endings, some don’t. But, what makes a love story heart-winning is the unconditional dedication of two people for each other.

Meet Ankita and Faiz, a Hindu-Muslim couple, who went through a lot of hardships, stayed true to their love and eventually overcame all the hurdles.

Inter-caste marriage is still a big deal for many Indian families and Faiz and Ankita’s parents are amongst them as they didn’t approve of their love and marriage. It is obvious to imagine the resistance from their parents, given the huge difference between Hindus and Muslims.

The couple spent three years to convince them but constant rejection forced them to take the big step.

Faiz and Ankita decided to go for a court marriage first, then a separate Hindu and Muslim wedding in Goa.

The couple, who at one point of time was finding it difficult to get together, ended up marrying three times.

Recalling past days, Ankita narrated her love story to Wed Me Good.

“What I thought was just a senior walking an extra mile to make his junior at IIM Indore comfortable in a new environment, was actually his way of pursuing me. While he stayed up till 4 am to help me with assignments and ensured he was my official chips and cookies supplier to stay in my good books, I shamelessly accept that I was equally smitten.

Time flew and it was his farewell day. The day we decided would be our last day together. We knew we were madly in love, but I also knew that my family would be totally against this relationship. We tried to stay apart but it just wasn’t possible. We knew that by the time my MBA was over, it was time for some serious confrontation with my family. As we already knew, they were totally against it. We tried for around 3 years to convince them, and finally decided that life has to move on. We took the plunge on 14-15th March and organized our very own ‘Jashn-e-Ishqa’.”

Isn’t it a beautiful love story?

Well, it doesn’t end here. Soon after they had three weddings, their families finally acknowledged their love and accepted them happily.

Their story may look like a Bollywood film or a love novel, but, it is as true as it can get!