Shooting vintage glamor pictures is altogether fun and daring challenge: not only it requires considerable knowledge of various technical aspects (lighting, posing etc.), but also the history of glamour images and what they were like in those glorious days. Shooting vintage glamor image is fun because it makes the subject look as if it was a star of the past golden age or a pin-up model while being dramatic with a lot of contrast. As a beauty artist, you will be able to produce vintage glamour pictures with the help of some particular lighting, retro glamorous accessories, cosmetics, and posing.

Almost 90% of work here is done by arranging lights properly. A studio is the perfect place for shooting such Glamor Photos as various lighting from different angles are required. One of the appealing nuances is a shadow under the nose, achieved by strong and focused light from a sharp angle so that the main persona would look as if in the spotlight. Moreover, you would need two fill lights to shine on the model. To sever the main subject from the background, some backlight would be necessary.

Another nuance to take care of colors, because they do matter in Artistic Glamour Photography; Obviously, black and white will be just fine for evoking all that nostalgia and mimicking vintage glamour images. In addition, you should concentrate on contrast and edginess; in order to show the facial features in their whole splendor and to preserve the details, fill lights should not be stronger than a third from the key light intensity.

Posing is of great importance in creating vintage glamour images, as the subject in the past rarely looked straight into the camera, so in order to give the golden age look, you are a photographer should make the model look to the side with a mysterious expression. Old-school glamour photographs are not about natural looks but about the dramatic atmosphere. For retro beauty photography the primary subject is the model rather than her garment and entourage; so try to minimize the glamorous impact that trinkets should have and try to concentrate on the girl instead. If you shoot in monochrome, black or white garment should be just fine for creating an edgy look. Do not use too many colors as the lighting will take the colors away, and try to get the makeup matte, not gloss so as to absorb the hard light.

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Source by Michael Zelbel