After Dancing Uncle and ‘Hello Frands, Chai Peelo’ lady became a social media sensation, it was this Pakistani house painter’s turn to make the world go speechless with his soulful singing. Shared by Facebook page Akbar Tweets, the video of a man singing ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’ has tugged at the heartstrings of the Twitterati and in no time his talent became the talk on social media.

Everyone who watched the video was mesmerized at how peaceful and heartfelt his singing was. Tha Pakistani man is identified as Muhammad Arif by a Twitter user. At first, he was shy to feature in the video but eventually became comfortable and treated our ears with lovely songs while working on the walls in a room.

Watch his video here and we bet you will be super impressed-

Well, we are assuming that you also want him to keep singing more and more. Twitter was so impressed with him that they showered praises for the video in no time. Here are some of the best tweets-