Here are some musings on laughter – these are my musings but I also will write about what other famous people such as Freud or Nietzche had to say on the topic. :)

It’s easy to take laughter for granted. But I’ve decided to delve into the concept of laughter for a few moments. Here are my musings on laughter:

First of all, what the hell is laugh exactly? Like, why do we laugh? Sometimes people’s laughs are contagious and that causes us to laugh. But seriously, think about it. You say something and another person (or yourself) starts to breathe differently and make a funny noise. And people do it together. In fact, laugh definitely brings people together.

Here are some more musings: laugh even has its own lingo online. Think LOL, LMAO, ROFL. Laughter is really powerful as a social lubricant. When someone is funny, they make friends easily and can entertain people. Think about that: how many of your friends have a great sense of humor?

That’s another thing. People have different senses of humor. I remember kids in my high school would always laugh about what they said in French class. Needless to say, they were not my friends. “Dude, today in French class, I said ‘hi’ hahaha awesome!” I legit remember someone said that one time at the lunch table. To each his own I guess.

Famous philosophers and psychologists even have their own musings on laughter and take on laughter. The great Sigmund Freud said that when a person laughs, he is releasing “psychic energy”. He justified this by showing that laugh is good for your health, which is apparently true today-laughter is good for your health. Is it the best medicine though? I dunno.

John Morrell, a famous philosopher, mused that laughter was the expression of relief when the danger had passed. Nietzche said that laughter was a symbol of existentialism and loneliness that only humans feel. I say it’s just awesome!

Oh, do not forget that people laugh not only when something is said, but when you tickle them. If you look up “tickling” on Wikipedia, you will laugh just looking at the pictures.

So there you have it. I just had to write an article with my musings on laughter. It took me like ten minutes. My conclusion is this: laughter is great and natural, and who the hell cares about delving deer into laughter. Just laugh!

Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

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Source by Ryan J. Johnson