Cricket players from the Carribean are known for their flamboyant style, carefree attitude and their serious ability to have fun. While their no-holds-barred celebrations and dance moves have impressed many, no player has taken the pains or had the courage to detail their sexual exploits like former West Indies cricketer Tino Best.

In a tell-all autobiography, titled ‘Mind The Windows: My Story’, Best makes uninhibited disclosures that not only reveal his ‘sunny days’ but also of his teammates sexual exploits. If it is some indication of what the upcoming book will contain, the Caribbean bowler has revealed that he had sex with around 500 to 650 women.

In one of the chapters of the book in which Best referred to himself as ‘Black Brad Pitt’, he discusses how his teammates and he enjoyed the sexual exploits during cricket tours around the world. “I love girls — and girls love me. I reckon I’m the best-looking bald-headed guy in the world. I joke about being the black Brad Pitt! Everywhere I went as a cricketer, I’d talk to girls, date girls and sleep with girls. I reckon I’ve slept with anywhere between 500 and 650 girls, all around the world,” he writes. The 34-year-old Caribbean paceman revealed that his split with his wife Melissa, with whom he had his son Tamani, pushed him into sexual relationships with multiple women.

“I had a beautiful baby called Tamani with my first love Melissa but things went bad with us. The lads had told me that once I took wickets for Barbados she’d come running back for me. I had done just that but she hadn’t. When she called it a day, I became a bit of a playboy. Put it this way: I was a man whore,” said Tino in his autobiography.

Best also disclosed about his ‘special attraction’ towards Australian and South African women.

“If I went to Australia and saw a nice-looking blonde, I’d want to date them. If I went to South Africa and saw a gorgeous brunette, I’d want to go out for a bit with her,” Tino said in his book.

“The most beautiful girls are the Australians. I think they are amazing. They are really into their fitness and have amazing bodies,” he further added.

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Tino Best also spoke about the competition he and his teammates used to have as to who would ‘date’ most women while on a cricketing tour.

“We used to have competitions of who could shag the most girls on tour. I think my record, on an eleven-week tour to Australia in 2005, was more than 40,” Tino disclosed.

“I’d go out, pick up a couple of girls and take them back to our hotel. A plush hotel with a professional sportsman: the girls loved it. Sometimes I’d take back four girls on one night! If that happened, I’d have to call one of the other lads for back-up to help me out,” he further added.

On his teammates, Tino called Chris Gayle a ‘good man’ and Dwayne Bravo as his ‘ultimate partner in crime’.