If you are asked which was the one TV series, in the late 80s and 90s, that literally stopped the entire nation, what would your answer be?? The answer is ‘Ramayan’. One of the greatest mythology stories ever told. Apparently, it also holds the Limca records as the world’s most viewed TV serial of all time.

The TV Series helped Ramanand Sagar aka Chandramauli Chopra, who also directed other popular series of his time such as Vikram Aur Betaal, Krishna, Alif laila etc, to become a household name.

Apparently, he is in news once again not for the reason you think. This time because of his great granddaughter Sakshi Chopra.



Sakshi broke the internet with her Instagram photos last month. And why not? She deserves every bit of it.


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She poses like a boss!


happy days

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She went to Trinity College in London and owns a degree in western locals.


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However, it’s her Instagram photos that’s garnering her fame than her degree in music.


Sakshi is the daughter of producer Meenakshi Sagar.

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Sakshi’s family too is proud of her and in one of the reports, her grandfather Moti Sagar said, “Sakshi is taking the Sagar legacy to another level. It is good to see her branded not as an actor, but as a social media celeb with her talent company.”  

Looking at her pictures, she could probably be the next big thing in Bollywood, if she decides to take Bollywood as a career.


?- @fashionnova Use the discount code sakshixo to get 15% off #novababe A photo posted by Sakshi Chopra (@sakshichopraa) on

Looks like she’s already hanging out with the biggies of the b-town.


Look who I met at mum’s sets? *shy saksh* A photo posted by Sakshi Chopra (@sakshichopraa) on


Here’s her first music video.


Featured Image: FilmyMonkey