Recently, a social experiment was conducted, whereby people over the age of 60 were asked a very simple question – “What advice would you give to those who are half your age?” While the question may SEEM simple, the answers were intriguing and quite surprising.

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1. Everyone keeps saying “Do a job that you love!” While the truth is, there is almost nobody that can love their job every single day. A job should be one that you enjoy MOST days, can tolerate it on some days, but that also helps you pay your bills.


2. Time passes by fast. So don’t marry at a young age. Travel. See. Explore. Go to as many places as you can. Just pack up your bags and go to a random city. Make memories.


3. Humour is how you get by in life. No matter what happens, don’t take life too seriously. Laugh it off and try to see the funny elements.


4. A true friend is the one who will listen to you even at 3 in the morning. Anyone else is not a friend, but simply an acquaintance.


5. The only person worth being the most important in your life is the one who shares it with you. Treat them with love and respect.


6. You kids will grow up faster than you’ll realize. Spend as much time as you can with them, while they are still young.


7. Work is important but not more than you, your friends or family.


8. Health is Wealth. No one knows how long life is. But it’s important to take care of yourself during youth.


9. When life gets tough, just get disengaged. Step back, breath and relax. Savour every beauty around you.


10. You only get one life. Do not die regretting the things that you ‘could have done’. Follow your dreams. Fulfill your bucket list.


11. Be a responsible adult. Pay bills and stay out of debts. Accumulating interests will take a toll on you.


12. Jealousy will eat you away. If you can’t trust your partner, then who else?


13. Materialistic things are temporary. Make memories, not money. Time and experiences are more important than stuff.


Hopefully, these advices will be helpful for you.


h/t: Tickld

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