It is often said that Dogs are man’s best friends. But this Korean man has definitely changed the norm as he has pet a flock of ducklings who follow him everywhere he goes. Just like a dog follows their owners even for hiking, these duckling follow their owner at outdoor activities. Even though the rough terrains and slopes become hard for them, they anyhow manage to keep up with their owner.

The reason behind their devotion is this middle-aged South Korean man who raised these 21 ducklings like his own children. He takes care of them and supposedly the ducklings think that he is their mother.

According to a Good Times report, the owner who lives in Seoul first began to take the ducklings with him when he was not sure whether or not would they be able to survive on their own. As the ducklings did not have any duck to rely on, the man decided to train them to follow a route between his house and the forest. The ducks follow the man and only respond to his call. As per the video shared by the news website, the man is a certified father of the ducklings.

The report also suggests that it was the same man who took care of the eggs and kept them warm until they hatched. This may also be the reason that the ducklings are so attached to him. The picture of the duckling following the Korean man on rocky mountains are definitely amusing.