The analogy might be politically incorrect but you know a Hindi film heroine has truly arrived when the audience, critics, and even the trade pundits start calling her a “Khan” at the box office. Yes, we are talking about the one and only Kangana Ranaut.

What makes Kangana Ranaut’s comparision with the three Khans, given her recent successes at the box office, more interesting is the fact that the actress has never worked opposite Aamir, Salman or Shah Rukh. Moreover, Ranaut would be one of the very few leading ladies in Hindi cinema in the past two and a half decades who managed to become an A-list entity without working either opposite the Khans or with marquee production houses.

The diva, who won the National Award for the third time recently, has been making to the headlines these days. Kangana has been involved in an ugly legal scuffle with Hrithik Roshan. Moreover, her former boyfriend Adhyayan Suman has given an explosive interview making shocking allegations about the diva.

While the truth behind these controversies will take its time to unveil, we bring you 10 unknown facts about Kangana Ranaut:

1. Kangana’s family

kangana1 NO

Kangana’s family has always been wary of her acting career.
And even though they’ve come around, there are moments when what she does doesn’t go well with her father.

Kangana’s father was not happy with her decision of becoming an actress. After a showdown with her father, Kangana Ranaut was asked to leave the house and the actress obeyed and left without any money. The journey, there onwards, was not easy for her.

Reportedly, she used to live with her friend Jaspreet, who was 10 year elder to her. The reports further quoted Kangana Ranaut as stating that she did everything she could do for food and shelter. When she was staying alone. her father came and gave her Rs 50,000 so that she could take care of herself.

However, Kangana did not accept the money and feels that it was one of the most damaging things that scarred her relationship with her father.

2. Kangana’s schooling and theatre


Kangana completed her schooling from DAV model school Chandigarh. She left her college education half way to join Elite Modelling Agency in Delhi in 2003 with the prospect of becoming a model. Kangana was just 16 years old at that time.

Before she got her big break with Gangster in 2005, Kangna started out as a theatre actor in Delhi with the Asmita Theatre Group.

3. Kangana’s sister is a survivor of acid attack

kangana3 NO

Kangna has a younger sister named Rangoli, who was a victim of an acid attack in 2005 by a jilted man. Rangoli was immediately flown down to Mumbai with her parents for treatment and later got married to her fiance Vikram.

4. Kangana’s creative side


Kangana doesn’t want to limit her creative instincts to acting only.
She’s also written a period film — an assignment for her course — and tried her hand at directing a nine-minute short film.
She also intends to direct a full-fledged feature film in future.

5. Nerd alert


Hard as it may seem to believe, Kangna describes her younger self as a complete nerd who was more concerned about scoring good marks in her medical studies than in boys her age.

In a recent interview to, she said, ‘There was a lot of competition. I would literally stay up all night to study for the exams. I would see my friends socialising and chilling in the canteen but I would either be home or in the library with my head in the books all the time.’

6. She wrote her own dialogues in Queen

kangana6 NO

Yes this is true! Not many people know that Kangana has written and delivered the dialogues of Queen as per her style. Kangana, in an interview, has accepted it by saying, ‘I told Vikas Bahl (the director of the film) that I would like to do the character in my own way.

7. Kangana rarely watches films


Despite working in the mainstream cinema, Kangana has watched only 10 movies till now. The actress finds watching movies a tiring stuff and even doesn’t watch television. She would rather read books and listen to music for hours.

8. Career in southern films


Kangna has worked in 27 films so far, out of which one was in Telugu (Ek Niranjan, 2009) and another in Tamil (Dhaam Dhoom, 2008).
When asked if she would do another Telugu film, she said she would if it was opposite star actor Mahesh Babu.

9. Bold and beautiful

kangana9 NO

She isn’t afraid to call spade a spade. In her interviews, she has been brutally honest about the trends which exist in Bollywood; from our films being dominated by “hero” culture to feminism, she is not afraid of ‘log kya kahenge’ and expresses her opinions without giving a damn.

PTI quotes her as saying, “When you date, marriage is not on your mind since first you don’t have an understanding of the equation or the relationship. However, I am very open to timepass romance.”

10. Role model


Kangana is a self-made success. She is all about self-love and is passionate about fashion, food, and fitness which are among her acts of self-love. She does not feel marriage is necessary and may not even marry altogether. She encourages young girls to not depend on marriage for their livelihood and identity.

If the grapevine is to be believed, Kangana is all set to play the role of tragedy queen Meena Kumari in her biopic. Must say, the audience sure is eager to see her in this riveting avatar!