Quite aware of the glances she will earn on her way, Sheetal Dugar still drives her Lamborghini during the hours when the hustle bustle is maximum on the streets of Kolkata. Sheetal is 40 and a mother of three. However, what sets her apart from the crowd is that she is the first woman in India to buy the luxurious Lamborghini Huracan, which costs a whooping Rs 3 crore.

Married to industrialist Vinod Dugar at an early of age 19, Sheetal realised she had a penchant towards driving a year after she got married. Discussing her life, Sheetal said that she thought of honing her driving skills because she did not like to be dependent on drivers.

Now, her hobby has made her go places. Sheetal is the only woman to who drives her luxurious car in the Sunday morning super race offs on the National Highway. She participates and wins too which has made her a sensation among the super car owners of Kolkata. At the Club GT’s anniversary (the club which organises the races), she cut the cake too.

Speaking about the experience of driving the golden coloured Lamborghini Huracan on NH2, she said it is nothing short of flying.

Her three daughters Yashaswi, Manaswi, and Suhasini 8, aged 18, 11 and 8 respectively, are proud of their mother. They enjoy the sheer thrill of being dropped to school in the posh car. Sometimes, they oversleep because of they want their mother to drive them to school. But Sheetal doesn’t take out the Lamborghini for the trip, instead settles for Wagon- R for the journey.

“To be fair, my daughters are very understanding. They know that taking out a car is expensive in the morning rush hour and is very inconvenient and impractical,”she told a daily.

Speaking of the trigger that pushed her into driving, Sheetal said,“There’s this business associate of my husband based in Oklahoma, USA. He’s 80-years-old, suffering from lung cancer and hooked to his oxygen tank 24×7. He still takes out his Harley occasionally. He took us on this lovely undulating highway there and it was one of my best rides ever. That was my moment of realisation. If he can, why not me?”

Apart from driving, Sheetal finds solace in classical dance and Rabindra Sangeet.

However, Sheetal has no plans of stopping at the road, as she aims to fly soon. She is planning to go to Canada for flying lesions and take some tips on Formula one racing. She asserts that is not the speed that thrills her, but the feeling of living live to the fullest.