The rivalry between India and Pakistan has always been a matter of concern for both the countries since independence. The two countries, despite being neighbours are not known to be on cordial terms.

While a lot of discussions often take place at various levels about the Indo-Pak war, a question was raised on Quora, “If Pakistan attacks India with nuclear weapons, which city will be destroyed first?”

To this Pakistani Police constable Neman Ashraf came up with an answer. The answer got 573.2k views in a month.

Here’s what he wrote:

I am a Pakistani and will try to answer your question with the best of my abilities (If I have any). But first, Let’s see what we know about India.

A nuclear power, better economy, huuuuuge country (I borrowed Donald Trump’s huge). I like to think their 2nd strike capability is better than ours. Past rivalry is there as well.

A strong enemy. I wouldn’t like to fight such an enemy. Honestly. No.

Nobody likes war, specially the ones that bring death/destruction to own door. A war with India will definitely bring both. Destruction of India with a nuclear attack will ultimately result in destruction of Pakistan and vice versa. No doubt about that. So no war. Both India/Pakistan strategic armed forces understand this simple fact.

But let’s assume for the sake of argument. If Pakistan decides to attack India with nuclear weapons. What circumstances would cause that.

Actually there’s only one and simple condition IMO.

An Indian physical aggression so serious that it poses  imminent attack threat. (Again I doubt if India will portray themselves in such an offensive mode). But let’s suppose they do. Pakistan decides to attack.

It won’t be a single target. I can assure you of that.

At least 20 to 50 targets will be attacked simultaneously with a calculated organized attack. Why? to inflict as much damage as possible in one blow to ensure paralyzing enemy’s ability to respond in same manners.

Now would that attack be 100% successful? I don’t know but it certainly will not fail totally. Indian strategic forces are already on highest alert. They will most likely catch tracks (Ballistic Missiles) originating from Pakistan inbound for India.


You can track a ballistic missile as much you want. Neutralizing it on it’s path is a whole lot pain in the ass task. It will vanish in the sky and travel thousands of miles in matter of few short minutes and could release decoys as well before impact to add more trouble. Now consider dozens of those missiles coming at same time, followed by squadrons of fighter bombers (Black panthers, black spiders) specially designated for dropping nuclear bombs. Not to forget cruise missiles capable of carrying nukes up to 40 KT. There is no way you can stop such an attack with 100% success rate. You are going to be devastated.

Most of the targets will be hit and destroyed, Sadly. (I pray this never happens). Not one but dozens of Indian Cities will say hello to mushroom cloud. There is no nicer way to put this.

Now before any Pakistan fellow says Nara-e-Takbeer. Let me finish.

I am all about pragmatism.

Even with this successful and devastating attack on major Indian cities. It will blow back big time…for Pakistan. Though India failed to stop this attack but they will get few minutes to to notice these tracks coming from Pakistan and understand that a nuclear reign of hell is minutes away. They will put a good use of those few minutes.

India will fire off as many Nuclear missiles as possible. Maybe even more than what’s coming for them. They would still be able to get dozens of nuclear bombers airborne. It won’t be a hefty task for them. As easy as pushing a button per se.

And their counter attack will put millions of Pakistanis out of their misery. Most of Pakistani cities will RIP. Their attack will be as devastating as ours, if not more. They got less land to cover.

Point is: There is no way on earth, For India or Pakistan….. to attack one another and get away without having their ass handed to them.

Hope this mental image helps you. :)

This article was first published in Quora and is written by Neman Ashraf