Firstly you could search for the facebook account of your favorite celebrity. There are thousands of celebrities on Facebook. Two tips for this. Search for celebrities real names. Famous singers usually use an alias, so if you search for their real name, then you might find their real profile. Alternatively, there are lots of celebrities who use Facebook but use fake names on there to stop people who don’t know them, from finding them. If you do your research, you should be able to find them. A big warning here though is that a lot of fake profiles of celebrities are made, so be careful to avoid this.

A different idea is to write to celebrities. It’s easy to find the agents of stars, so you could send a letter to them. Agents usually pass the letters on. Although you may not receive a reply from every celebrity, feel assured, it is likely they will read your letter. I’ve had lots of replies from celebrities who I have written to. You just have to make yourself stand out. If it’s a date that you’re searching for, then make sure you include a photo but do not sound too desperate.

Another idea is to research the places that the celebrity you like, visits. This might be a nightclub, a bar, a restaurant and so on. When you see them, make sure you introduce yourself and maybe even give them a card with your number on.

Finally, a cool idea is to sign up to a website where you can date celebrities. The only one I can find is from the UK but I’m sure there will be lots more in the future.

Featured Image: Celebrities Dating

Source by Lindsay Clarke