One of the biggest challenges, if not THE single largest one, is trying to eat healthy while you have to take care of so many other things. Whether you’re a mom getting the kids off to school, a highly-paid executive with early-morning conference calls, or a home-based business owner working very long hours, there’s a good chance you do not have much time to worry about what you eat for breakfast. And now, you do not have to.

Here are four simple, nutritious breakfasts that will give you energy and satisfy your appetite, while also helping you to lose weight

Breakfast 1. Have a boiled egg with whole grain toast and throw a little sea salt on it for flavor (unless you’re not supposed to eat salt).

An egg is mostly protein, so it will give your body energy to use over the hours till lunch. It takes a while for the body to be able to change the protein into energy but it releases it over time so you will not get hungry for a while. Right away, though, your body can get the energy from the bread.

You can also add a wee bit of orange marmalade for flavor – but not much. Everything that’s sweet, like jelly and marmalade has calories, so be careful. To lose weight faster, skip the marmalade. But if you love your sweets, then cut back on the extras like the jelly or marmalade to 1/3 your usual amount.

Breakfast 2. Eat nutritious yogurt like Actia, which has the good kind of bacteria that your colon needs.

Slice a banana and mix it in with the Activia. You could also add a little trail mix of cranberries and raisins or your favorite nuts. Just do not put too many nuts or dried berries as they add on calories.

The nice thing about the trail mix is that if you tend to have a sweet tooth, they’re a good stepping stone towards a healthy diet. You just have to pay attention to not eating too much of the trail mix because of the calories.

Breakfast 3. Oats are a great food for breakfast, but not the instant kind. Real oats have the fiber that is critical for cleaning your system.

Try rice milk or soy milk instead of animal milk as they are easier to digest. And instead of white sugar, use honey or maple syrup. Although honey and maple syrup have a fair amount of calories, they are a higher quality carbohydrate than white sugar. So do not use too much of any of it, but use the natural sweeteners if you do.

Breakfast 4: Eating shredded wheat or granola is another great way to start the day because of their fiber content. These also take more time to chew, so your body’s digestive system gets warm up. These cereals are also more filling than a lot of the quickie foods, like blueberry muffins, English muffins, and the cereal that gets mushy in about 15 seconds.


Whatever you do, try to minimize or even eliminate your use of white sugar and other sweeteners. If you love sweets, use maple syrup, honey, or even brown sugar instead of white sugar (which is used in almost all candy bars, cakes, donuts, and so on).

Whatever you do, do not use the fake, chemical sugar such as Nutrasweet or Sweet and Low, as they have a very negative health impact, I’m sorry to say. Once or twice here and there may not hurt, but overall, try to stay away from them whenever possible.

Now you have four good alternatives for quick and easy nutritious, low-fat, high-energy breakfasts that will kick your day off right. Whenever possible, make a choice for fresh, whole, minimally-processed foods. Or as close as you can to it.

Just make sure you eat something before you walk out that door each morning. Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, as it provides you with energy and vigor for the whole day.

Meanwhile, enjoy your food and be good to your body at the same time.

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Source by Melody Jackson