Although you cannot judge someone’s personality by just talking to them for a few minutes. However, there a secret formula we’ve found out which will help you understand a person’s personality to a certain extent by just looking at their foot.

Isn’t that the most awesome thing you’ve heard in a long time? Here we present some of the foot types and personalities associated with them.

1. Equal Lengthed Toes

This type is also known as the ‘The Square Foot’ or ‘Peasant Foot’. The length of toes is almost same. If you have this kind of foot, you are a real person. That doesn’t mean we are unreal. Real in the sense that you are rational and have the ability to maintain the equilibrium. You will never take a decision without analyzing the pros and cons of a particular thing.

foot personality


2. Perfectly Descending Toes

If you are the owner of this type of foot, you are really secretive and have a lot of hidden truths. You could be subjected to immediate mood swings and hence it might be difficult to deal with such people.

foot personality


3. Almost 180° Line-Forming Toe

The foot type is also known as ‘Roman Foot’. These folks are usually very interactive and extrovert. You like being associated with a social circle and are outgoing. You always look for opportunities to explore and talk as much as possible. You love to learn about new people, places and are quite vocal about sharing your experiences.

foot personality


4. Ignited-It-Is kind of Toe

This particular arrangement is also known as ‘The Flame Foot’. Energy, passion, creative and enthusiastic are some words synonymous with your personality.  You possess leadership qualities to inspire and motivate people.

foot personality


5. Have Digitus Quintus Separation Ability

The ones who can separate their toes are considered to have entrepreneurial instincts inside them and you like to be like a free bird. You are not fond of rules and always on a look out for new challenges. While others who can’t separate their toes are just the opposite.

foot personality


6. Have Little Toe present on the side

You like to take your own decisions in life and act individually.

foot personality


7. Have Second-Third Toe Gap

If you know someone who has this, be emotionally open. You never know when will they switch characters as if a movie is going on. They are great emotional-switchers.

foot personality


Hope we demystified some hidden secrets.

Now you know where to look when you meet someone.


With inputs from WittyFeed & GoodHouseKeeping

Images Source: WittyFeed